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Pre-Paid Plans

Pre-Paid Plans

Funeral Services Hartlepool

Many families and individuals decide that they would like to discuss their personal choices for their preferred type of funeral in advance. By recording your wishes in the presence of a funeral director you can start a funeral plan. When the funeral is paid for in advance, it’s a pre-paid funeral.

A pre-paid funeral plan gives you the power to make important decisions about your funeral which will be difficult and painful for family members to make when the time comes. Being able to personalise your own funeral makes it more of a celebration of your time on Earth and gives everyone peace of mind that the expenses are covered. 

Victoria House Funeral Service offer Golden Charter funeral plans.

All payments into the plan are kept securely until the time comes for the funds to be forwarded to the funeral director.

The cost of a funeral depends on a number of influences, including:

  • Whether a burial or cremation is chosen
  • Whether a memorial service will be required
  • The type of coffin or casket
  • The cost of a grave or urn
  • External fees such as clergy, newspaper announcements

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