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10 things to know when planning a funeral or cremation service

Planning a funeral or cremation service can be overwhelming but think about your family and how this will make things easier for them!

Having to face such a sensitive subject is not easy, that's why we've put together a few important things to think about whilst going through this sad process. We understand that no one likes to talk about dying or death and especially about planning a funeral for a loved one, or even for yourself, however, facing this moment is the best decision that you can make!

Be informed and know your choices.

Planning a funeral is a complicated process, which is made even harder by the emotions and stress that comes with the death of a loved one. In this situation, you have to make sure that your dear one's funeral is personalised and that it represents their wishes whilst bringing comfort to family and friends. Prearranging is a good option to consider! To know more about this process, contact Victoria House Funeral Service and get the help you need!

Their wishes have to be documented.

Many of us think that by writing a will everything is covered, however, that's not enough if we want our funeral wishes to be taken care of. Ensure that your loved one's wishes are made known and even recorded in writing. It is important to share their desires with your family members.

Make sure that the rest of your family is a part of the plan.

A funeral service is an essential part of the grieving process, that's why when planning your dear one's funeral, their complete opinions and wishes have to be taken into consideration at all times. It is always best to discuss with your relatives beforehand and make sure that they are aware of your loved one's desire. Knowing that, will bring them great comfort as they are following your relatives wishes.

Did your loved one choose a traditional burial or cremation?

Whether your loved one chose cremation or traditional burial, the close family members should give their consent as well. This aspect is easily solved with a pre-arranged discussion with the family members and loved ones ahead of time.

Ask prices

The funeral and cremation cost can vary from place to place. That's why you should choose a funeral home that presents its prices simple and clear. 

Think about planning and even pre-paying for funeral services.

Pre-planning and pre-paying for a funeral can take care of many aspects. When it comes to the actual expense, when one pre-arranges, they can benefit from paying for the services at “today's” prices for an event that can happen many years from now.

Is insurance enough?

With life insurance, you have no guarantee that the funds won't be cleared by a potential illness or accident. 

Even with the insurance, the funeral service and the necessary arrangements still have to be planned and paid for.

Choose a prearranged funeral service.

If your dear one is interested in applying for a pre-arranged funeral service, this can be extremely beneficial in meeting their requirements and at the same time protect the family from taking such decisions in already an extremely difficult moment.

Check the government benefits.

How much you get through Government benefits depends on the circumstances. The funeral payment can help with:

  • Cremation or burial fees.
  • Approximately £700 for funeral expense.
  • Funeral travel.
  • The expense for moving the body withing the UK, “but only for the part of the journey that's over 50 miles.”

To find out more about funeral payment and benefits, please visit

Speak with a professional funeral director at Victoria House Funeral Service.

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