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Popular music for funeral services

Though many people find it difficult to broach the subject of what they would like at their funeral, their choice of funeral song is usually something they will willingly share. Music is an element of a funeral which reflects the life of the...Read more

Readings at funeral services

Saying a few words at the funeral of a loved one is a popular way to pay tribute to them. You might choose to write something of your own, or allow the words of others to express your feelings at a difficult time....Read more

How to memorialise your loved one after their funeral service

It’s natural to want to be close to someone, even after they have left this world for the next. There are many different ways you can memorialise your loved one and keep their memory alive. ...Read more

How to personalise a funeral on a budget

Planning a personalised funeral doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are plenty of things you can do to keep the cost of a funeral down whilst making sure that it is a fitting tribute to you or your loved one. ...Read more

Why choose an independent funeral director?

Get the best support throughout the loss of a dear one and great help in planning your own funeral from an independent funeral director!...Read more

Why choose a pre-paid funeral plan?

Choosing a pre-paid funeral plan comes with many benefits. Apart from protecting you against rising funeral costs it also gives your loved ones peace of mind by making this process easier for them....Read more

How to plan your own funeral

Take the best decision for you and your loved ones and choose to plan your own funeral!...Read more

10 things to know when planning a funeral or cremation service

Planning a funeral or cremation service can be overwhelming but think about your family and how this will make things easier for them!...Read more

What to do when someone dies?

The death of a loved one is a very upsetting time for everyone in the family. ...Read more

How to choose a funeral home?

Choosing a funeral home can be a difficult choice, especially after the loss of a dear one......Read more