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How to memorialise your loved one after their funeral service

It’s natural to want to be close to someone, even after they have left this world for the next. There are many different ways you can memorialise your loved one and keep their memory alive. 

Decorative Urn

Following the cremation, you will be asked whether you would like to keep the ashes of your loved one. If you would like to keep the ashes, you might like to think outside the box and do something with them which will help you to remember your loved one in a special way. For example, if your loved one enjoyed spending time on the beach or riding the waves why not decorate a box with seashells and use it to contain the ashes? You might like to keep the ashes in a plastic bag to keep them safe as they move between containers. 

Photo Album

Revisiting family albums is a gentle way to relieve grief and relive special memories. Why not express your creative side and create a personal photo album which displays images from happier times? You could even caption the images with funny quirks or tell a story. 

If you create a scrapbook, why not decorate the cover with images which conjure memories of the special person? For example, a nod to their hobbies, career path or sporting team will be worth adding. Leave the album somewhere you can view it with ease. 

Remembrance Pillows 

Many of us remember a special item of clothing worn by a loved one, be it a particular shirt, a certain type of trousers, or a smart jacket. Rather than get rid of their clothes, why not donate them to charity but keep back that special item and do something creative with it? Making pillow cases from cardigans or a dressing a teddy bear in a top made using a special shirt is a great way to keep your loved one in your life as well as in your heart. 

Memory Box

If you have a collection of items which were cherished by your loved one, why not gather them together and create a memory box? It could contain anything from pieces of clothing and teddy bears to jewellery, perfume bottles and concert tickets, whatever means something to you. 

Memorial Garden

If you find it difficult to visit a cemetery, why not create a memorial in your own garden? You could release the ashes in the garden and create an area of remembrance which can be decorated with things to memorialise your loved one. 

Those living in rented accommodation might decide to do something similar. If this is the case, why not put the ashes into a protective container which you can unearth and take with you if you ever leave the property.