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How to plan your own funeral

Take the best decision for you and your loved ones and choose to plan your own funeral!

Although planning your own funeral can be an emotional process, think about the positive side of things and how this will save your family a great deal of pain and worry when having to actually face this situation.

Here's what you need to do...

Put together a list of what you like and dislike.

With a pen and paper start noting down ideas about your funeral. You can think about what you saw at other funerals and you thought went well. Think about the emotions that you want to create, do you want the funeral to be a bit sombre or more like a celebration of your life?

What type of funeral you want?

You can either choose a traditional burial or cremation. 

What reception style would you want to have?

Would you have a gathering at your funeral? You could opt for one to take place before the funeral of after the funeral. As far as the service is concerned, it can be at a funeral home, or you can choose a graveyard service at the cemetery as well.

Choose a funeral home.

Go out and visit funeral homes, ask them your doubts and of course a list of prices for their services. Make your choice by balancing all the important aspects such as their dedication and amount of support that they are ready to give.

Do you want a religious service?

If you follow religious conventions you have to research about possible churches as well as charging fees. You may also have to discuss using the church facility as part of the reception as well.

Choose your eulogists.

For this, you may want to select people that know you well, maybe close friends or family members. Ask them beforehand if they would be comfortable enough to do this when the time is right.

Choose the music for your funeral service.

What type of atmosphere would you want to create? Do you prefer flutes or violins? Do you want music only at the church reception or also at the graveside? Write down your notes and make sure that you discuss this with your funeral director.

Select displays and photographs.

In this case, you could keep a file on your computer with potential memorial photos to be displayed at your funeral. 

Think about your budget.

Be informed in regards to all the possible fees that may occur. Regardless of the type of funeral and whether you choose a burial or cremation, additional fees may add up. That's why keeping in mind how much you can spend will help you make the right choices.

Consider pre-paying your funeral.

Most of the funeral homes accept payment in advance. Ask your funeral director about their policies and go from there...

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