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Popular music for funeral services

Though many people find it difficult to broach the subject of what they would like at their funeral, their choice of funeral song is usually something they will willingly share. Music is an element of a funeral which reflects the life of the person who has died and it is not unusual to include their favourite song during the service. 

You can play almost any piece of music at someone’s funeral, so long as there are no copyright restrictions in place. Some people will choose hymns or a piece of classical music, whereas others will prefer to use songs. Your funeral care service will be able to help you select the most appropriate piece. If you prefer to have an organist play the song, make sure that they are able to play the piece you have chosen. 

Popular classical music for funerals includes:


  • Adagio in D Minor by Tomaso Albinoni
  • Cantata No.208 Sheep May Safely Graze by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber
  • Fur Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Claire du Lune by Claude Debussy


If you’re looking for an appropriate hymn, why not consider:


  • Abide with Me
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful
  • Ave Maria
  • Jerusalem
  • Lord is my Shepherd


With hymns declining in popularity, pop has become the most requested music genre for funerals across the UK. Current favourites include:


  • Angels by Robbie Williams
  • Hello by Adele
  • Lay Me Down by Sam Smith
  • You Raise Me Up by Westlife
  • Diamonds by Rihanna


You might like to choose a song from your loved one’s favourite genre of music. For example:


  • Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
  • Live Forever by Oasis
  • I’ll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy
  • What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong


Alternatively, if your loved one was an avid follower of sport, a lover of films, or a fan of soaps, why not consider:


  • Match of the Day Theme Tune
  • You’ll Never Walk Alone by Gerry and the Pacemakers
  • Always Look on the Bright Side of Life from Monty Python
  • My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion 
  • Only Fools and Horses Theme Tune


If you want to make sure that the funeral of your beloved is a true reflection of their life, music can play a very important part in helping fellow mourners to come together and remember a very special person.