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Readings at funeral services

Saying a few words at the funeral of a loved one is a popular way to pay tribute to them. You might choose to write something of your own, or allow the words of others to express your feelings at a difficult time.

Even if you feel able to write a heartfelt message, emotion on the day can make it hard to stand up and do your words justice. If you think that this may have an effect on you, why not record yourself speaking so that your friends and family may feel comforted by your speech without putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. 

Readings for a funeral should be carefully chosen so that they reflect the personality of they who have passed. There are suitable passages from the bible for those who lead a religious life, non-religious readings and also readings for those who passed too soon. Finding a suitable reading can be difficult, why not share the search for the perfect reading with loved ones so that you can decide together which passages represent your loved one the most?

Bible Readings

If you are looking for a suitable bible reading, The Church of England has a collection of readings available here: 

Readings for Children

Readings for the funeral of a child do not necessarily have to be religious, though they can be spiritual. Rather than talking about where a child has gone, a reading which describes the child and acknowledges the pain the family is going through can be more of a comfort. You can find some examples here: 


There are plenty of readings available which are suitable for any form of funeral ceremony, including readings which are tailored towards the non-religious. Whatever reading you come across, you can personalise it to suit your own circumstances. Take a look at some examples here: 

If you would like some assistance choosing the right reading for your loved one, you are more than welcome to discuss options with us here at Victoria Funeral Service.