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Why choose an independent funeral director?

Get the best support throughout the loss of a dear one and great help in planning your own funeral from an independent funeral director!

Nowadays, the way of life of many independent funeral directors is to carry on their family tradition and continue their own journey by supporting their community.

Why independent funeral directors should be your option...

They are part of the community.

Independent funeral directors are very much a part of the community and they are strongly committed to professional standards. Throughout the years they’ve developed a long, renowned history of personal service to local communities.

Devotion and commitment.

It is essential to know whom you are speaking to when you require the help of a funeral director, that’s why you should turn to a company which is there for your community at all times.

Long term support.

A dedicated, professional funeral director is always devoted to families. He will always meet your needs whilst seeking to build a trustful relationship and help you and your family get through this difficult moment as easy as possible.

Respects local customs and traditions.

Funeral customs may vary throughout the country, however, by serving in the community for a long time, local traditions and expectations will be carried out accordingly. 

Unique, personal relationship.

If you suffer the loss of a dear one, it is always comforting to know whom to turn to. You will receive a personal, flexible service throughout. The more you know your local independent funeral director the easier it is for you and your family to get through this sad moment.

Valuable support and advice.

Whether you need advice in choosing a pre-paid funeral plan or just additional details about the funeral services available, an independent funeral director will provide immediate assistance, all you need to do is ask!

By choosing an independent funeral director you choose family devotion, constant support, helpful advice at all times, knowledge of traditions and a great community help!

Choose Victoria House Funeral Service - professional, dedicated and reliable independent funeral directors!

If you are based in Hartlepool and you are looking for professional, committed independent funeral directors, Victoria House Funeral Service will be happy help! Together we share over 60 years of experience as funeral directors and we are happy to have served our community for over 4 years now! Call us today on 01429 234 777 or send us an email at [email protected] and we will be here for you whenever you need us!