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Why choose a pre-paid funeral plan?

Choosing a pre-paid funeral plan comes with many benefits. Apart from protecting you against rising funeral costs it also gives your loved ones peace of mind by making this process easier for them.

Planning a funeral at an already difficult moment can be emotionally and financially demanding. Last year, the average price of a funeral was approximately £3,900. By 2021, the cost is estimated to reach £4,779. 

If you choose a funeral plan now, you can ensure that some of these costs are covered beforehand.

“The sooner you buy the more you are likely to save”.

The amount of the covered costs depends on the funeral plan provider that you choose, however, most of them guarantee to take care of the cost of the funeral director's services. In this case, it is recommendable to choose your plan and benefit from “today's price”. 

Burial or cremation fees.

Many funeral plans providers treat these in different ways. For example, only some of them offer a contribution for third party and external costs related to the burial or cremation. Others are not considering these aspects at all.

The best thing to do is plan ahead!

Whilst giving your family some relieve through a difficult time, choosing a funeral plan is also a great way for your peace of mind knowing that you've taken care of a rather large financial bill for your dear ones. This way they can avoid painful discussions in regards to your last wishes and avoid overspend “because you would've wanted it that way”.

Choose Golden Charter funeral plans.

All the payments of Golden Charter funeral plans are securely kept until the moment comes, then the funds are directed towards your funeral director.

The costs depend on:

  • Whether you choose a cremation or burial.
  • If a memorial service is needed.
  • The type of casket and coffin that you choose.
  • The price of a grave and urn, if required.
  • Other fees like newspaper announcements or clergy.

Would you like to find out more details about your options?

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